3 Best Piano App download in 2020

By | August 11, 2020

So, guys, do you want to learn Piano…?

Piano app download – The reason why you have to download a piano because most of the person are not able to Buy a Piano instrument for some reason. Then today in this post I will solve this problem. You have to just read this post at the end, and after that, you are able to learn Piano without buying any Instrument.

If you’ve ever dreamed of learning to play the piano, there are about a hundred reasons available to get started. Many studies have found that a Piano app which downloaded or a real Piano instrument can reduce stress and anxiety.

It also improves hand-eye coordination, helps kids do better in school, and even boosts self-esteem.

Fortunately, in this digital age, there are plenty of resources out there to help you on your journey. A useful tool piano apps that you can download to your phone or tablet.

So, In this post, I am going to show you some best Android and IOS based Piano application that helps you to learn Piano without any instrument. Only you need a Mobile phone to use the apps.

If already you have a mobile phone then you can easily try every application that we provided you in this post. And choose your best one from our list.

It’s also a truth that the Piano apps don’t replace playing an actual piano. But by using the apps you can increase your Piano skills very much.

So, these are the best piano apps that we provide for Android smartphones or IOS such as Ipad and Iphones that will help you practice when you’re on the go.

3 Best Piano App download in 2020

1. Simply Piano by JoyTunes

This Simply Piano is an awesome Piano Applicatication that provides you a fast and easy way to earn piano, from beginner to pro. With this Piano, you can work with any piano or keyboard.

This Piano was also chosen as one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2019″

It also Rated as one of the best iPhone apps of 2016″

In this Piano Application here you will see many various Tons of fun songs like Imagine, Chandelier, All Of Me, Counting Stars and La La Land, also J.S.Bach, and many more.

The developer of this Application also includes some courses for different musical tastes and playing levels. With this Piano, you can also learn the basics step-by-step from reading sheet music to playing with both hands.

This one is also suitable for all ages. To use or play this piano you do not need any previous knowledge.

How it works:

  • To use this Piano you have to just place your mobile or tablet device on your acoustic/MIDI piano or keyboard and then you are able to play. It has also the feature to recognize immediately what you are playing
  • It is also able to give you instant feedback after playing. It also helps you to learn quickly and also improve your skills.
  • You can also discover some magic of music with many funny songs and after completing the courses you can use Piano like a Pro.

This Simply Piano is developed by JoyTunes, who is the creators of award-winning apps Piano Maestro and Piano Dust Buster.

2. Real Piano – Play And Learn

Piano App download

This Real Piano is another best piano keyboard on the Google Play. 

As pianists, keyboardists, musicians, performers, artists, amateurs or beginners this Piano is really very helpful for them. With this Piano Application, you can do most of the things that you can do in traditional Piano.

When you play this Piano app it has the ability to enhance your fun with different musical instruments (Piano, Flute, Organ, Guitar).

As a learner of Piano here in this Real Piano app comes with some cool musical instruments and that help you to learn chords and music notes for free.

You can also learn how to play the piano with keys in many interesting ways. The interface of this camera is eligible to run on your Phone or Tablet for free.

It has also the feature to check musical abilities properly. If you are a parent and your children want to learn Piano then this Piano app will help you to save money from buying a traditional Piano.

Play the piano with different kinds of music with pleasure.

You can also record everything when you are playing the piano. Also, You can set the size of the piano with the plus and minus keys.

Paino Features:

  • In this app here you can see 88 Keys. Also, you will see 7 octaves in this Piano app.
  • You can also adjust the size of the piano’s interface.
  • This app also provides you Studio like audio quality
  • This app also has some instruments like Grand Piano, Synth, Organ, Acoustic Guitar, Flute.

3. Perfect Piano

Piano App download

Perfect Piano is another Piano in our list that has an awesome simulator designed for Android phones and tablets. This Paino App comes With in-built genuine piano timbre.

You can use this app as a teacher because this app can teach you how to play the piano and amuse you at the same time.

Best Features of this Perfect Piano 

  • In this Perfect Piano app here you will see the 88-key piano keyboard.
  • Also here you can work in multiple modes like Single-row mode, Double-row mode, Chords mode.
  • The keyboard also supports Multitouch screen, Force touch\
  • This Perfect Piano comes with a size adjustable Keyboard so you can easily increase or decrease the size of the keyboard width.
  • The developer of this piano also added some in-built sound effects such as Grand piano, BrightPiano, MusicBox, PipeOrgan, Rhodes, Synthesiser. 
  • This perfect piano also MIDI and ACC audio recording

Learn to Play 

  • By using this Piano app, you can learn thousands of popular music scores
  • You will also see three types of guidance patterns: falling note, waterfall, music sheet (stave)
  • Play three types of modes such as autoplay, semi-auto play, note pause
  • Speed adjustment is available in this Perfect Piano

Support Timbre Plug-ins

In this app here you will also see some timbre plug-ins such as bass, electric guitar, wooden guitar, flute, saxophone, electronic keyboard, violin, chord, xylophone, and harp.  The best thing is that you can download and install the plugins for free.

You can also learn some awesome cool skills from online players. And this features also support real-time online chat. This app also provides you a small widget and with the help of that, you can play music at any time without opening the App.

Piano app Download – Piano app download