Let me introduce you about Virtual Piano

By | August 9, 2020

Let me introduce you about Virtual Piano

Nowadays when people start learning something, most of us search it Online and see the results. And, we know that now it would not be too difficult to underestimate the knowledge because now we can get every single resource at our single fingertips. I will introduce you to the virtual piano.

Let me introduce you about Virtual Piano

Finding new ideas or reaching into new existing knowledge is now a little synonymous with the phrase “Google It”. Likewise, many people are here who want to learn Piano. But in this case, for some reason, most of them are not able to learn it.

So today I will introduce you to the virtual piano. With the help of that, you can also learn how to play instruments online: piano, guitar, drums, flute, etc. Yes, you heard right with the help of your tablets and mobile phones you can learn Piano.

Basically the Piano Apps have changed the way of traditional learning, and also added some benefit of flexible learning using portable gadgets.

I know that many people are wondering if this practice is good or bad and if this tool is a really better way to learn Piano in a classical way through the internet.

To determine which option is best for you, you must first understand the benefits and concepts of each method.

The Fundamental differences between Traditional and Online Piano Learning.

I know that as a starter you search for online resources, and it can help you to obtain the skill for free. It’s true that there are some awesome online paid courses available but some bad courses are also available too.

You can also say that online paid courses have changed or upgraded the type of our old traditional education. It also helps you to find it on the Internet (don’t matter where you are).

In the case of online learning, most of us don’t know how to read sheet music to get started with most apps. But there are some apps that are available who provide piano animation that visually helps you figure out which notes on the keyboard to play.

Some of the apps are interactive, and some of them will provide you to play and keep track of your accuracy to provide feedback.

The animation highlights which notes to play – reminiscent of games like Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution, making playing the piano more of a game and less like a chore.

When it comes to the cons, learning online doesn’t really replace that one-on-one interaction and learning that you can experience with a piano tutor who is sitting at your side but it helps you a little bit more when you learn online.

You can’t always get the quick answers you need online – who’s going to be there to point out when you’ve made a mistake?

Let’s Talk about some best Online Virtual Piano.

Let’s see

1. Musicca


This Virtual Piano is another awesome online Software that is able to give you the exact experience of a traditional instrument Piano can give you.

Play piano online with it

By using your simple computer keyword or clicking the piano keys you can play piano professionally.

The top letter of the keyboard corresponds to the white keys and the row of numbers corresponds to the black keys. And with the help of that, you can play multiple notes simultaneously.

After clicking “Hide note names” you can hide the note names, and by clicking “Mark” you can mark the notes on the Piano.

With this Piano, you can also save your markings on the piano by copying the web address in your browser. This also allows you to share your markings with others. For example, here is an F minor seventh chord and an E major scale.

Get Free interactive piano exercises

Try online piano exercises and learn how to identify and play notes, hearts, chords, and scales on the piano. You will also find a variety of musical notation and ear training exercises.

Sign up for free and have full access to all of the exercises.

2. Recursive Arts – Best virtual Piano online

This is one of the best virtual pianos I ever saw on the Internet.  It’s my favorite one out of all Virtual Piano I have seen.

After Clicking the link it takes a little bit of time to load. After loading you will see a clear smooth interface. it looks that this program has a bit more going on. It just takes around 10 seconds for the Piano to respond to your commands.

After Loading completely, it’s responsive and is one of the better sounding Pianos available. I love this Virtual Piano most because it is laid out like a digital stage piano.

This Virtual Piano also provides you to record yourself and play it back. By using the specific keys you can also use this Piano Professionally. Keyword Guide also available on the website so before pressing any key make sure that you already checked out.

If you are not able to keep the keys in mind then you can also use key mapping as well. When you set Piano as REAL then the Keys will disturb you just like a real Piano.

Also, you will see three Octaves in the Piano. But when you set the camera as MAX, you can easily access the Piano to Five Octaves. By using the Shift key you can use the Black keys.

After seeing the features I taught that this was a great way to respond to the Octave problem because it takes lots of time. Most of the People are just Playing C.

3. Virtual Piano

This Website is a part of a larger website that sells sheet music and various music lessons. This software has a longer 88 keys, but since you must see your keyboard to be able to play all the notes.

When you will first pull it up, you can’t see any guides or other things that tell you which key corresponds to which. But you will also see the keys by turning on them. So make sure that you already go into the “Menu” guide.

4. Online Pianist

In this Virtual Piano, you will see a limited range of three Octaves. This is something limiting but at the same time on a virtual Piano, I think you don’t have the full key features.

The keys of this piano are laid out very nicely and that I love most about this virtual piano. The piano is visual so you can also see every note on the top.

This virtual Piano also tells you, which QWERTY  you have to press to get the sound you want.

It’s true that it doesn’t immediately tell you when you are using the A, B, or C, but if you already know that then you can easily play with this Piano.

If you don’t know the keys then you can click the “Letter Notes” in the top and after that, you can easily see the key specs. To Zoom in and Out you can also click the sustain option.

This piano is simple but by using it you can learn a basic Virtual Piano.

Benefits Of Virtual Learning

  • When you play or learn online it gives you a simple joy of learning how to play a song you love. Many professionals say that learning Piano through the internet really gives you some extra benefits. For instance, learning a musical instrument actually increases your brain’s capacity for memory and improves cognitive skills.
  • You can also see some other benefits if you are learning Piano Online. Virtual Piano can improve your reading comprehension and math skills. And This might be a good project to pick up while you’re preparing for an important test or taking a difficult class.
  • This Way of learning or you can say with the help of Virtual Piano you can remove your stress very easily and give you a relaxed mind.
  • This can also help you to improve patient and also be able to increase your focus.
  • The flexibility of self-guided lessons can also be a roadblock since many people struggle with time management, but challenging yourself to do something and then accomplishing it. Also able to give you another way to express yourself, and that is a great feeling for every person, regardless of age or musical ability.


Let me introduce you about Virtual Piano

Let’s talk about the PROS of learning the Piano Virtually:

  • In the Online Platform, you can find Millions of resources in the form of lessons, tutorials, e-books, discussion forums, and articles that help you to learn Virtual Piano. And everything offers required information characterized according to your learning level.
  • In addition to the paid membership, lessons, and offline programs that you can purchase. But in the case of the internet world here, most of the things are completely free which can save you a considerable amount compared to a teacher’s lessons. So these methods are expensive.
  • Online resources are updated more often than physical books and manuals. In addition, the latest trends and methods are applied to these updated online lessons.
  • Websites share information in the form of knowledge, information, and ideas adopted by expert piano professionals.
  • Also, you are able to get proper libraries with patterns, rhythms, lessons, and tricks that are readily available and accessible.
  • By learning from various platforms you can also get a huge variety with details, songs, techniques, and genres to choose from.
  • You can choose a level basic, intermediate, or advance according to your own will and expertise.
  • You can decide and dictate your own pace and level for learning the piano. And you can even limit your learning especially those who are just learning for fun.


Let’s talk about the CONS of learning the Piano Virtually:

  • After all, you are learning and using piano through the internet so it can’t replace the complete satisfaction that you can get by learning with a traditional real piano teacher. Sometimes it’s not able to give full satisfaction.
  • Also, you don’t know that online teachers are really qualified teachers or not. But in the case of traditional Piano learning and using all the teachers are professionally qualified and trained teachers with skills that make them capable of helping others with learning to play the piano.
  • You may not be able to get prompt answers to your questions and there will be no one to correct your mistakes if you are doing something wrong with the piano. This one to one interaction is missing.
  • Some free lessons only provide basic information and you may have to pay to have access to the original staff. Although there are some fantastic resources that offer step-by-step piano learning. It is better to advance your knowledge of basic skills with a teacher trained for individual teaching or you may be admitted to a piano music class.
  • You must compromise with the sound quality even if there is another real physical teacher who is there to teach you online and no subject may be so clear with the physical presence of the teacher.
  • You don’t get the commitment of a trained and qualified teacher with you.


When you consider the pros and cons of learning or playing through apps or web piano online, learn with the appropriate piano teacher in your home or travel to them or with a huge instrument.

Here you will see that there are not many serious cons. Perhaps, you can make a better decision on your own whether you are more comfortable with online lessons or traditional theoretical learning methods or comfortable playing time.

What makes you more comfortable and able to keep you more focused and that is the best solution for you. However, we have shared here an instant look at the advantages and disadvantages of online learning and playing method of Virtual Piano.

The great thing about the Internet is that it provides a global network of access to valuable information sources. In fact, people can learn and play a lot of new things online and use them (simply) to play the piano. If you are thinking about starting some online software to play then you don’t need much equipment. A laptop or tablet or even a phone will do the trick.

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