Different between singer and playback singer

By | January 19, 2021

Well, friends, lots of people are confused with singer and playback singer. Here you will get a simple and best explanation.

Let’s us know what is the basic difference between a singer and playback singer.

Well, this is very simple and easy to know the difference between them.

We all sing-song. So those who can sing songs are Singer. But we are not much famous like Arjit Singh, Sonu Nigam. Because we are singing songs on their own. Not for any music company. So actually we all are a singer.

Now let’s know about playback Singer. If we focus upon the name playback Singer, it will define the means. “Play” it represents acting or any film. ” Back” represents background. And at last singer. It means those who sing songs for any movies or any dram or play are known as a playback singer.

Best Playback Singer

Well, friends, best playback singer award is given by Filmfare. And as we all guess our favourite singer Arjit Singh take this award in 2020.

From last 6-year Arjit Singh always nominated for this award and also win.

Arjit Singh best playback singer for last 6 years

Best playback singer
Arijit Singh, king of sad songs

Well friends, those who love Bollywood songs they already know about him. How much talent he is.

In 2016, he wins this award, first time for the song “Suraj Dooba”. Audience like this song so much. This song belongs from movie “Roy”.

And again in 2017, he wins this award, for his song “Ae Dil Hain Mushkil”

In 2018, the audience like his voice, so third time he won best playback singer awards. For his songs Roke Na Ruke.

In 2019, Arjit Singh become king of the music industry. He won again this award, for the song “Ae Watan” from the movie “Raazi”.

In 2020, because of his hard work and his pension. He again won this award for his song “Kalank”.


In short, everyone who can sing songs is a singer. And those who sing a song for any play or drama or movie in the background are playback singer.

Arjit Singh is the best playback singer from last 6 years.

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