Hey Lyrics – Mild Orange

By | June 4, 2020

Hey Lyrics – Mild Orange

Hey Lyrics

Singer Mild Orange


Hey Lyrics – Mild Orange

I just wanna say “hey”
And “I hope you’re doing fine”
I want you to know my name
And be able to call you Mine

You seem to brighten up my days
It’s you just being graceful
And I’ve seen you look my way
Or was it something I imagined?

And now that I’ve said “hey”
Are you doing fine?
And do you know my name?
And can I call you Mine?

Do I brighten up your days?
‘Cause I find you amazing
So look my way
Or is this something I imagined?

Oh come say “hey”
Yeah I’ll be doing fine
And do you know my name?
And can we make a life, a life
One life


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