The list of Top 10 highest paid singers in India

By | April 4, 2021

Bollywood of India is not only famous for its best movies but also for its best music. The music industry of India is full of talented and top-notch singers and TikTok stars who produced the best songs for their audience. That’s Why they are the highest-paid singers in India.

The list of Top 10 highest paid singers in India

These highest paid singers of India are not only famous in India but they are also known internationally for their music.With their songs, these singers are always in heart of the people of India and this is the reason for their highest fees for their songs.Different singers of India have their different and unique style of singing

1. Shreya Ghosal

Shreya Ghoshal best female singer

She have very pure sound and she sing very sweet.

She comes in top of our list of highest paid singers in india. She is an indian playback singer who has won numerous awards from national film awards to many filmfare awards.She has also won the reality show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. With her hardwork and patience, she has achieved a peak of success in the music industry and that’s why she got 25 lakh/ song.

Her fame is not only in India but also exists outside india. Because of her outstanding performance, she gets a lot of opportunities in the Bollywood film industry.

2.Yo Yo Honey Singh


highest paid singers in India

highest paid singers in India

Hirdesh Singh popularly known as Yo Yo Honey singh is another highest paid singer in india. His songs are mostly related to the hip-hop genre. He is not only a rapper but also a famous producer, composer, lyricist and a film actor. He gets almost 22 lakh for one song.

He loves to sing in hindi and punjabi even though he is great in english. With the effort of honey singh, a new type of song culture became popular in India which is Rap song culture.Yo Yo Honey singh is a very popular singer in India and very famous among the indian youth.

3.Arjit Singh

Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh, king of sad songs

He is also one of the great singers and that’s why he is on the list of highest paid singers of india.Arijit singh sings mostly in hindi and bengali language. For his song ‘Tum Hi Ho’ of Aashiqui 2, he gets paid 20 lakh rupees. He is a man who started his career from the bottom as a playback singer in Bollywood but now he is a very famous and one of the top singers of india.

His voice is very soulful and pretty and he is the recipient of National awards and filmfare awards.

4.Sonu Nigam


Sonu Nigam

Sonu Nigam, fab

Sonu nigam is a very popular singer in the bollywood industry. He charges 15 lakh for per song.With his beautiful voice, he has got a great recognition in Indian audience. He has got many famous awards and is known as the Modern Rafi of indian after Mohammad Rafi.

He sings mostly in Hindi and Kannada films. He is loved greatly by the indian audience because of his hardworking and humble nature.

5.Sunidhi Chauhan

highest paid singers in India

highest paid singers in India

She is also a playback singer of bollywood and one of the highest paid singers of bollywood.She is known as the ‘queen of the item songs’ because throughout her career she mostly sings the item songs. She took 12 lakhs for a song.

With her hardwork and dedication, she achieved a lot of success and won many awards including 2 filmfare awards.People loves her song so much that there is always a waiting list for her new song. Along with her music career, she is also very active in charities and donations.

6.Mohit Chauhan


Mohit Chauhan is one of the famous singers of bollywood who mostly sings his songs in hindi language for the hindi films. He is a very popular indie-pop singer. He is also an indian playback singer. With his hard and romantic type of songs, he always wins the heart of audience.His voice is called as the most melodious voice in bollywood.

For 1 song,he charges 10 lakh rupees.He has achieved a great success in the music industry and that’s why he has won 5 times best singer awards and 5 times filmfare awards.

7.Ankit Tiwari


Best romantic singer

He is also a playback singer but he is very famous as a music director and composer  also. He began his career as a composer of background music for T.V programmes. But with his dedication and hard work he became very famous and got in the list of highest paid singers in india.

He demands 9 lakhs for each song. He has also won the best male playback singer awards.

8. Krishna Kumar Kunnath

He is famous in bollywood as a KK.He is one of the best indian singers and also one of the highest paid singers in india.He sings for varieties of films such as for tamil. Kannada, hindi, etc.In 1994, he started as a playback singer. Now, he is not famous just as an indian singer but also he is very famous internationally.

He has won many awards such as 4 filmfare awards and best male singer awards. He takes 8 lakhs for 1 song. His inspirations are Kishore kumar and music director R.D Burman.


9. Shaan


Best romantic singer

Shantanu Mukherjee popularly known as Shaan is a very famous indian playback singer.He is also a actor, and a T.V presenter who works in varieties of films such as telugu, gujarati, hindi,etc.People call him as a rude personality but with a most beautiful and pretty voice.

He has achieved great success and also won 2 filmfare awards and he charges 7 lakhs per song.

10. Sukhwinder Singh

highest paid singers in India

A 45 year old indian playback singer who is very famous and popular for his bollywood songs. His song ‘Jai Ho’ from the Slumdog Millionaire movie made him internationally famous. He demands 5 lakhs for 1 song.

Now, he works as a music director in bollywood industry.He has also won many awards including the filmfare awards and awards for best male playback singer award