Lunatic Lyrics – Geezy

By | April 2, 2020

Lunatic Lyrics – Geezy

Lunatic Lyrics - Geezy

Singer Geezy


Lunatic Lyrics – Geezy

Uhnn….75,F4TG,Fit for the grind nigga,listen

[Verse 1]
I sit down and look at life from a different angle
Picture my soul being lifted from a different angel
But fuck it, I done lost ’nuff loved ones
When the gloves on better run when the guns drawn
Work no play no games all of the funs done
It’s Real talk niggas don’t care where you come from
If it’s beef, In the streets we can meet my nigga
Keep your heat but still watch for police my nigga
Still Gotta wear a T that says free my niggas
You can get your whole wig slapped if you don’t feed my niggas
Slick talk with no show will get your homie clapped
Just because I spit don’t think that it’s only rap
I Got a clique but still roam like a lonely man
They talk shit because they really don’t know me fam

[Verse 2]
Enemies, if you don’t know what Ima do to you?
Get the shotty circle ’round your body like a hula-hoop
You soft like Zaboomafoo, death when the ruger shoots
He didn’t move, like he took a step in some super glue
He froze up, but I ain’t fucking with no cheap thugs
We in the streets 4 bills for a weak pump
But If it’s beef 5 shots when a beat snubs
And I don’t talk about my strap for no street love
Try me, free my young boi Robbie he’s grimey
Put the big 5th where your eyes be

[Verse 3]
Who knows, nice days turn crucial
And niggas get they food ate when the moon glows
Once upon a time, I really was neutered, stumbled across a 9 and I really was using it
Seen my first murder and I really wasn’t used to it
Owned my own burner and it turned me into a lunatic
Stay kushed out, I’m smoking on that super chronic
I sell food, you would’ve thought we own the supermarket
And move bricks, you would’ve though that we was construction workers
Got niggas in the bin doing life for murders
Shank a nigga up and look at his shirt
If it’s red, than he’s dead correct me putting in work

[Verse 4]
I can tell that it hurt boi, you had choice, be a thug or a church boi, slang it let it burst boi
Sights I’m seeing has me fighting with demons
Still catch me lounging in the park like Reagent
25 is how much you get the lama for
’75 niggas have you bleeding on your mamas floor
And this a banger so my haters gonnna comment more
Until a bullet eats their flesh like a carnivore
Yup, want me to show you what them hollows do?
I ain’t talking Twitter when I say my niggas follow you
Got raided once so my Bitch I can’t live with her
But don’t think I’m slipping cause it stays in my perimeter

Ya already know. 75 F4TG we really do this nigga, shit I’m sayin’ 2012 ahh

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