Mazel Tov Lyrics – IDK & A$AP Ferg

By | June 10, 2020

Mazel Tov Lyrics – IDK & A$AP Ferg

Mazel Tov Lyrics

Singer IDK & A$AP Ferg


Mazel Tov Lyrics – IDK & A$AP Ferg


Coo-coo (Hoo, hoo, hoo), oh

Ayy (Ayy), ayy (Ayy), ayy (Ayy), ayy (Ayy)
Ayy (Ayy), uh-huh, uh-huh, ayy (Ayy)
Hey (Ayy), yeah (Ayy), hey (Ayy), yeah (Ayy)
Hey (Ayy), yeah (Ayy), hey (Ayy), yeah (Ayy), hey

Mazel Tov to the gang (Gang, yeah)
Livin’ far from lames (Lames)
Livin’ out in the Hills (Hills)
Jewish guys pay my bills (My bills, why?)
Jewish nigga pay my tax (My tax)
Over five-hunnid racks (Racks)
Uncle Sam need a slap
My new accountant need a dap (What?)
My new bitch need a bag (Bag)
Who? Me? Huh, laugh (Laugh)
Bitch, you better save your money
Get creative with the paper like arts and crafts (Crafts)
Bitch, I’m archin’ backs (Backs)
Nigga, I’m architect (‘Tect)
Nigga, I built this house all by myself (Coo-coo)
Bitch, where was you at?
You was standin’ in the back (Yeah)
You was sittin’ on another nigga lap takin’ pics (Yeah)
Duck face quack-quack (Woo)
You was never in the trap (Yeah)
You was livin’ in the dorm room, never, ever strapped (Yeah)
Jansport backpack
Matter fact (What?) you was wack (Yeah)
Wasn’t you? He was hacked (Yeah)
Have bricks, you was Shaq
Lil’ nigga, fall back (Yeah)
You cap, cap, cap, cap (Yeah)

Hey (Ayy, ayy), hey (Ayy, ayy)
Hey (Ayy, ayy), hey (Ayy, ayy)
Hey, yeah (Ayy, ayy), hey, yeah (Ayy, ayy)
Hey, yeah (Coo-coo, ayy, ayy, ayy), hey, yeah (Ayy, ayy, yeah, yeah)

My mom is my newest accountant
She busy countin’ my thousands
I lost a lot of money, that was a downer (Yeah)
Whole fam in position of power
Put riches in the community
And we started fixing the product (What?)
Hey, stepping on the scene with a couple of bands
Three hoes like I’m Santa (Ho, ho, ho)
Turnin’ Jacob to a dentist
My money Stormi, make it rain like Kylie Jenner (Woo)
When I’m on the mic and I spit that rap, I’ma kill the track (Ah, ah)
A$AP, I put New York on my back (Yeah)
Tesla Cybertruck up on the dash (What?)
Hundred bitches badder than Stacey Dash
They gettin’ mad
I’m their lord, I hear all the chats (Woo)
They call on me, but I don’t call ’em back
I bark like a Que while you kappa cap
AKA with the AK, she rat-a-tat-tat-tat

Hey (Ayy, ayy), hey (Ayy, ayy)
Hey (Ayy, ayy), hey (Ayy, ayy)
Hey, yeah (Ayy, ayy), hey, yeah (Ayy, ayy)
Hey, yeah (One, two, ayy, ayy), hey, yeah (One, two, three, ayy, ayy), hey



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