Murder Rate Lyrics – Blueface

By | June 27, 2020

Murder Rate Lyrics – Blueface

Singer Blueface


Murder Rate Lyrics – Blueface


(Ayy, Manzo, we got a hit, boy)
(Shout out my nigga Synco)
(Ooh, Bighead on the beat)

I done lost 8K at the telly, was gone off the Xannys, I took about three nap
Out in Malibu cappin’ off X, and I crashed the i8, I just hope I don’t relapse
That lil’ nigga ain’t livin’ what he rap
When we pop out, bitch, you know that we strapped
Let off clips on your block, let the heat clap
I’m not gon’ turn on the news for a recap
Ayy, damn, foenem got the jakes hot in the hood again
My lil’ shawty done tied up his hood again
Let him pick out his pipe and he took the SIG
Say he want somethin’ new in his ‘Wood again
Leave a nigga somewhere that he shouldn’t have been
Told him, “Go fuck with they block and spazz”
“I don’t wanna hear what you could’ve did”

Fifty (Fifty), shots (Graow)
Mini-man in a mini van (Mini-man)
Blueface, baby (Yeah, aight)
Polo, G-Wagen (2020)
Keep it on me in case Joe try to butt in (Hah)
I hop out a luxury bustin’ (Bustin’)
I get you hit from London (London)
For a hundred, they gon’ shoot a hundred
Ha-ha, he got chipped like a Funyun (Ooh)

Now he dead and I’m dickin’ his pumpkin (Pumpkin)
Ayy, ooh (Woo), she blowin’ dick like a trumpet (Ooh)
Bitch, don’t call me for nothin’ (Nothin’)
I ain’t comin’ ‘less I’m cummin’ (Bustin’)
Drive the boat like a bucket (Ha-ha)
I put dick in her stomach

Fuck a bitch in the back of the Hummer truck
Arch her back, now I’m fuckin’ her stomach up
We gon’ lose it if one of our brothers touched
So you don’t want a problem with none of us
He gon’ lay on the ground like, “Why me?”
‘Cause this 40 gon’ rock him like Kyrie
Paramedics, he hooked to an IV
All of my niggas cappin’, so why tweak?

Ayy, fuck a tweet and a sub, I’d rather hop out with a sub (Grraow)
I’ma visit him up, put thirty and forty, but he got hit with a dub (Twenty)
I get him hit for a dub (A dub), pull up to Chase and I wire the plug
Came in the truck, but we bounce out the bus
Chase no ho, I pull up to fuck (Woah)
Came in the clutch, so I got her a clutch (Clutch)
I don’t get searched when I walk in the club (Yeah)
Pay 1K for a cut
She ain’t got a butt, so I bought her a butt
Public defender, had lunch with the judge (Public)
The sentence is twenty, give my lawyer a dub
I’m on probation (So what?), still keep the pump
Act up in this bitch, you get spilled like a cup (Ugh)



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