No Diet Lyrics – Denz&Renz

By | June 27, 2020

No Diet Lyrics – Denz&Renz

No Diet Lyrics

Singer Denz&Renz


No Diet Lyrics – Denz&Renz


(Yo ril, this shit crazy)
Yeah, Yeah
Denz & Renz
Issa Whole New Wave to the world and back
Aye, you know what?
I challenge you to 800 metres
How about that?
Wanna try draw man out on the drill ting
Wanna try draw man out
Like man ain’t got that heat
Aye Denz
My bro
What we telling them?

“Who, what, where, how and why?”
Is what we ask when we talk about Walkz
Why do you call yourself Walkz
When you’re fat? That must be awks’?
8-8-80K subscribers?
Likkle man, so mind how you talk
And I don’t do drill
But I just finesse the beat with skill
Plaques, what you know ’bout that?
100-metre race, I bet you stack
Cash, you don’t know ’bout that
I’ve seen your pockets, they look flat
Facts, I’ve seen the stats
25 mill you dunno ’bout that
Splash, Steph Curry with the shot
When the bros come t’rue shooting from the back

Reactions, recording it
Effortless, I’m born with it
You’re always talking ’bout deliveries
But how’s this for a simile
You’re so fat, your favourite neckless
Is the food chain
I can tell your favourite food is
Sweet chocolate souffle
Your hairline, it’s not dea’de
Like Aitch said, “Are you ready?”
You might see Renz on the tele
Big Nastie shows, straight shellings
Why you hating, why you hating?
W3 for a skatings
Who you really really chasing?
I know your flows really basic
Could never beat us, who you chatting ’bout?
Come fuck with us, I know you want the clout
Before I take your babes, you better settle down
This Youtube ting, we hold the crown
Best know your gain is when we hit the stage
When spinning on you know we get the plays
Every time we drop, you now it’s fucking cre
Best cream your lips because they’re bloody grey
You’re Simon Cowell?
T-T-Tell that little nigga pipe down
Tell me if you want it right now
Is it drill that got you hype now?
And I dunno why you’re sending
I know you had the track pending
Top three, we was trending
No more talk, this the ending

I like “Who’s got bars yanno”
Who’s got a diet for this guy?
Hear me?
How about this:
Gotta pick them tees off from the ground
It’s going off
Fumez the Engineer


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