Pokemon Cypher 2019 Lyrics – Shofu

By | April 6, 2020

Pokemon Cypher 2019 Lyrics – Shofu

Pokemon Cypher 2019 Lyrics

Singer Shofu

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Pokemon Cypher 2019 Lyrics – Shofu

[Intro: Shofu]
Ayy, huh (Omar on the come up)
Pokémon Cypher 2019
We’re back, better than we’ve ever been
We the very best like no one ever was
And I’m getting money like Meowth
Pockets fatter than a Snorlax
Archer, talk to ’em

[Verse 1: Archer]
Look, watch who you aiming your ammo on
Shield on my face like a Bastiodon
Work in the pouch like a Kangaskhan
Niggas be changing like Kecleon
You’ll get hit twice like a Ambipom
Ice on my wrist like a Glaceon
Mewtwo, I’m putting that Pressure on
Just hit a Fissure off Metronome
Top be the spot that I’m standing on
Fire and water, Volcanion
Each of my ears got a Avalugg
Grass on my head like a Tangela
Flyer than Ledyba
Lit like Electabuzz
Smoking Meganium
Harder than Cranidos’ cranium
Crib ’bout as big as the Pokémon Stadium
They should play this on the Pokémon Radio
Been ’round the map so I know they debating ’em
Ten out of ten what they rating ’em
Wings on my back like a Ledian
Swagging as soon as I’m entering
I got that flame like a Fennekin
In the sun, stoned like a Lilligant
I got that flow like a Basculin
Just got some money, I sent my mom half of it
Crib on the beach, that’s a Palossand
Live in a palace, my jewelry stay cold like a Mamoswine
Levitate off the ground like a Carnivine
Dropping that heat like an Arcanine

[Verse 2: OmarComeUp]
(I don’t fucking play Pokémon, man)
Ayy, I’m bringing that Sacred Fire
And you niggas ain’t nothing but Lumber to me
Ice Gem on my neck, can’t Machoke when I flex
Got your bitch in my Dex, she a number to me
Flow so shocking that shit is like Thunder to me
Gifted thanks to my IV’s
Bitch, I’m blowing your mind with the Glock
And I call that shit Lele ’cause it got a Psybeam
Man, these bitches be hoein’, ain’t talking the region
I feel like I’m Gary, I can’t waste no energy on a hater
Disrespect me and I’m beating your ass
Then Akuma pose on ’em like Turtonator
Blue hunnits on me like Great Balls
Nurse Joy, bitch, I ain’t taking no days off
I keep that heater on me ‘case you playin’ with fire
Then that Semi searing your face off
Bag full of Malasadas
‘Cause I’m all about my dough
And I got a mindstate like Mewtwo
Bitch, I ain’t the one to be fucking with 5-0
Korrina’s Lucario, bitch, I’m a psycho
Fucking with the team, get ready to die slow
S.S. Anne I’m driving it, they all chasing my clout again
Get these niggas the hell off of my boat
Boy, I be dripping too much, Pelipper when I dress
I be surfin’ on ’em and they cling to my wave
The kid must be a water type ’cause your shit isn’t fire even on the sunniest day
I swear to Arceus you niggas sweet
Man, no wonder the shop out of honey today
Them boys wanna know what kinda leaf he on
Flame Burst on that bitch, everybody get blazed, nigga

[Verse 3: Shofu Tha Beatdown]
(Shofu Tha goddamn Beatdown, level a hundred in this bitch
Hair on the top of my head only, Tapu Koko
Crabominable on my neck, let’s fucking go)
B-E-A-T-D-O-dub-N, get ’em
Okay, Beatdown protecting the gyms, I got all the CP
Give your chick infinite pipe, I got all the PP
Bullets ready to pour when you see me
I will wet your fairy ass up, Tapu Fini
Still got the hair on the top of my head, Machop
Dark skinned, I use my shadow to sneak, Dusclops
Full of energy, it’s only worse if I get more
Hyper Beam flow, what the fuck I gotta Rest for?
It ain’t shocking that my bars are fire, ’cause I Rotom-Heat
Make him use Rest, tap his chin and he go sleep
How many times I gotta tell you I got next?
Think I can’t do damage, but you ain’t wearing no Guard Specs
Disrespect none of the squad, I ain’t allowing it
Tell me who deserves King’s Rock if it ain’t ours then
That rock with me special, I’m Thanos when I use Power Gem
GameFreak did a Pokémon Snap! They on a power trip

[Bridge: Shofu]
Shofu Gang
King Shofu the coveted
We call your bitch Nurse Joy ’cause she be tendin’ to our balls, nigga
Get ’em

[Verse 4: King Shofu]
It’s King Shofu, ain’t no need to evolve
Came here floating like a Haunter, who the fuck you gon’ call?
I got a bad Jynx smoochin’ all on my balls
I don’t wear condoms like I’m finna catch ’em all
You ain’t gotta stunt, muhfucka, get a clue
Got three fingers in your bitch, Mewtwo
I don’t even have to try in order to kill you
I can do it in my sleep like TM82
Act a fool then you an Ambipom, put yo hands up
Niggas sleep, need a wake-up slap, got my hands cupped
Eradicate all you Rattatas, call it pest control
Every bar I spit is Toxic, and you about to croak
Oh no, hold that B button, leave you in the smoke
Come back with Decidueye, snipe you with no scope
I Future Sight your girl lookin’ like she wanna go
She want my South Pole, ’cause I’m in my Magnezone

[Verse 5: Tanukes]
Young Cyrus money, drop a G on a shirt
Fuck around my Laser Focus, guarantee this’ll hurt
Pineco yopper to your face, see how this Pin Missile murk
Politoed gloves off, now this Drizzle gon’ work
We leaving you shocked
Flow sick, Ampharos need a flu shot
Got a 733, boy that’s two Glocks
My music talk, got a Rotom in a boombox
Flow cold, they gon’ need a warning ’bout a blue fox
With the 9 behind me
Kecleon camo, might need a scope to find me
Ride anywhere for my homies, won’t let Oak define me
Climb up mountains I’m crossin’, I won’t let roads confine me, ayy
Cofagrigus, I got arms I’m takin’ outta the case
You gon’ need treatments when we swarm
And Signal Beams in yo’ face
Catch this Secret Power as you leavin’ your base
On my grind like Mr. Briney, boy, I stay about the chase, look

[Verse 6: Kezura]
(Omar on the come up)
Yeah, look at your badges, mine is tenfold
Smoking on Cosmog, got no mental
Nines in his face, now he looking like Tympole
Bitch like Torchic, ate it with Crisco
You get 6-0’d, you never winning
Look at my belt, I got several extensions
Yeah, he got a bark but he really a kitten
Put flame to that pussy and now he a Litten
He the only trainer that don’t run up where I’m standing
His bitch carry my kid in her stomach like Chansey
Every shot lands but I hustle like Durant
Fucked four bad bitches, now I’m headed to the champ
Wait, wait, did you really think you scary like me?
Threw balls at the legends, now they’re sharing XP
And he say he Gen 1, but he’s Gen 19
If he run up on the kid, he get cut like trees
I be jiggin’ like a Ludicolo, hold up
I put shells to his back like he Slowbro, ugh
Shooting at me, homie slow up, whoa
I be bulletproof like I’m Kommo-O
I be Mr. Briney sending birdies, I ain’t ever gotta worry
Chase him down and then lay his ass out, ugh
Homie, this a really bad route
Man, fuck the goddamn poke– just run your pockets!
Who gon’ fucking check me, if I kill you then good riddance
I said fuck the law, then fucked the law, like Red, had no sentence
Bitch, I pull up dressed in black, I hope to God you got a vest
If you test me, now you Snorlax, fed you shots and let you rest, ugh

[Verse 7: Token Black]
(Ayy, Token, what it sound like?)
Ayy, Articuno ice pick, rocky mountain nice wrist
Two-hundred flash on the dash, I’m a flight risk
Had to do the dirt, cut the work like a Vice Grip
Metal 65, no cap like I’m 56
I’m the cool kid, you Super Nerd, you don’t fit in
You hate from the outside of the Dex, you can’t get in
Money Stakataka by the way that I be winnin’
And I only tell my mama ’bout the cash that I be spendin’
Bitch, I do it
I got guns, pull the chopper and I’m shootin’
All my niggas finna eat, I feel like Brock, I bring the food in
They say, “Token, please stop fuckin’ with unknowns like Alph Ruins”
But I do it doesn’t- fuck it, in two months I’m gon’ be dueling, ah
We step to the fire and you finna need an oven mitt
I don’t even move, Scorbunny with the Double Kick
He don’t do shit, lazy than a bitch GameFreak
I ain’t never took a nap, I don’t Pokémon Sleep

[Verse 8: PE$O PETE]
And you know we finna creep in your Pokémon Home
Take your Pokémon Bank, then we Pokémon Go
I need ice, my wrist on Sneasel, brought my canvas, brought my easel
Paint her face up just like Smeargle, let my nuts hang like Magearna
Rolling Frenzy Plant inside this blunt, this Exploud, you can’t hear us
I got pressure all around me, I advise you don’t get near us
This shit Metagross
I don’t wear no diamonds, only shine on me is Mega Stones
Token on the roof, and that red dot on you like Ampharos
She like how my money Dynamaxing, how I drive the boat
She said I’m a water type when I pulled out that Gyrados
That’s your ho? Oh, my bad, I’m on my Gary Oak
Let it go, Chandelure, we light ’em up and ghost
Let ’em know, rollin’ through my city Everstoned
With the flow, Articuno, I’m forever cold
MIA in the region where it never snows

[Verse 9: ShueTube]
Yeah, it’s S-H to the U-E (Who’s he?)
“That’s the dude that rapped about the Mew weed
This dude’s weak, he’s Magikarp
His moves stink, he’s splashin’ bars
And half his are about smokin’ doobies and goin’ through trees”
Only that means I’m Grookey, always rolling with new breeds
A few G’s stuffed in a blunt, stuck between two leaves
I’m friends with Blaine, you know I stay forever blazed
Eyes looking like I meditate, but really they stay red and glazed like rubies
I levitate like Uxie everyday
Left the cave for another week with the legend gang
Bring a lot of heat when we speak like some Ember Flames
Check your EXP, we don’t beef with low-level lames
You know we got metagame, make your girl cheat if we let her play
Put my Special D in her Special A
Primordial Sea, got them sheets wet like Heavy Rain
Probably cause I’m slurping on that Persian ’til it’s squirting like a Remoraid

[Break: Shofu & VI Seconds]
Bitch nigga, bang, yeah
Bitch nigga, bang—
Yo, my nigga, just know it’s your boy Aunt Jemima
I’m out here, my nigga, you already know a—

[Verse 10: Chris Patrick]
Ayy, ayy, Chris Patrick, you already know what the fuck going on, nigga
Ayy, huh? Woah, hey, wow
Hey, flamethrower flow, let it hit ’cause that boy a Charmeleon
I need a million billion trillion tokens to buy up a house in Vermillion
I need to kill me a couple of trainers
And take all they Poké they stashed in my pocket
Jesse James, like I roll with Team Rocket
Giga Drain all that clout with that Hoppip, I’m in the mosh pit
(Huh, what? Ayy, what?)
I’m in the place in my life where you probably won’t notice me
Move through the darkness like Crobat, my shawty a fairy like Togepi
Focus my energy, Seismic Toss any lil’ trainer who think he approaching me
Couldn’t put me in a bad spot, homies got hands like a Machop
We gon’ Brick Break ’em and toss to the backdrop
(Huh, what?)
More elite than the final four
I see the future like Gardevoir
I see the truth in the Unowns
And now I been moving to conquer more regions and gyms (Okay)
Rock with the rhythm like Onix, I keep it lowkey with the wins
Brothers can’t see where I been
I’m in a league where I only compete with the Brock’s and the Misty’s
The Gary’s, the Paul’s, I bury ’em all
I keep a little Hitmonlee on side my hip
‘Case I need it real quick just to kick one them off
You still ain’t peeped that the boy got the sauce
I’m at my peak like a Pikachu getting ready to evolve
I’m steady, I never have lost
I came from the Kanto and ran up the bars

[Verse 11: Scoot]
You know that Scoot be never Slaking
Getting bread, they say I loaf around
My Last Resort’s a choice to just abandon all these clowns
They got that Red Nose but no Brionne
Laser pointed, yeah, we see ’em
Guess if life is an adventure, I’ll treat yours like Colosseum
Do not need it, I’ll repeat it
Get deleted, ghost, Misdreavus
You an open book, you know I read it
I ain’t gotta wait, download completed
Lightning speeding, dough I’m needing
Baked no meeting, smoke stacks Weezing
I’m the toxic to a fairy, that’s free damage, call it stealing
(Ayy!) And I’m back up in my cypher mode
(Ooh, huh, wait) Circle small like Pikachu nose
(Eugh, wait, huh) They’ll be static if you get too close
(Ziggy, zap) Bitch we sleeping on you, that’s that Comatose
Pick a side, was in hangry mode
Volatile, I could Explode
Pockets now Full Belly though
Hunger switched, I see them O’s
Like a Bubble Beam, we poppin’ and we wavy
I’m gettin’ green and stickin’ to the beat just like a Grookey
She blew me, Horsea, fly like I’m a Combee
You might just miss a turn ’cause ballin’ on me isn’t workin’
I’m bulletproof, your move went poof
One, two, three, ‘Saur like the toof
GPS go got that spoof
I be Scoot, you know the truth
Charmander, Charmeleon

[Verse 12: Anonymuz]
(Yeah, okay
305 ’til I die type shit)
Yeah, yeah
Keep it a hundred, I ain’t ninety-eight
Niggas is Krabby, they live in a bucket
I’m too much to stomach, I paint why they ate
I be on my Smeargle, them people, they love it
And if I don’t do shit, then they might be great
Man, to be honest, I need you to back up
You know this form isn’t even my final
A nigga Deoxys, they say I need space, okay
Cannon on a nigga back, I put a shell to it like he Blastoise
Blast off like he Team Rocket, I bet he stopping on a asteroid
Tell that boy he a lil’ mark on a lil’ star, that’s a asterisk
Young killa, I’m a dragon, you just got a Dragonair, that’s a basilisk
Snake shit, niggas ain’t shit in the game, and I came in like I paid rent
Been the same since the first gen, it’s the eighth gen
And they still in the same gym ’cause they can’t win
Nigga’s lame, and I ain’t even try, eight percent
Kicks on fire like Blaziken
This ain’t even my main key, but you know I’m going ape again
‘Cause this that muthafuckin’ guillotine flow
This that fire mixed with muthafuckin’ ethylene, ho
This that treat the fucking beat just like I’m Nidoking, bro
Drill that shit to the extreme, but we gon’ keep the speed slow
Hol’ up

[Verse 13: BlackLynk]
(We are in this entire ho)
Uh, stacking Pokédollars, that’s the main mission (Main mission)
Chatter online? Now ya mane missin’ (Mane missin’)
Pyroar came into this thang spittin’ (Thang spittin’)
Lion with a little bit of flame with him
I’m snapping like Sharpedo, you’ll sleep with the fish
I light the gas, I’m breathing on Weezing and shit
I’m looking hella marine with the team full of drip
The pockets is on Tsareena, the green looking thick
Bitch, I’m dropping ’em flawless
Better look at your options
Hoppip-ing, if for the green, I’ll leave your top spinning
Looker post-game, you never know where these opps hidden
Snover, was cold before I became with a bomb with it
Gen 5, I’m the gem that rests in dirt
The fairy that’s quick to murk, give just desserts
I’m so fly, might just not address the Surge
I’m running shit like Zigzagoon, Professor Birch
Look at the jewels, Sun and Moon doing a fusion
Bow to the God, Necrozma just finds it amusing
You must’ve been Faked Out or just hit with Confusion
‘Cause you winning? Zorua, a little illusion
If you was hating ‘fore I hopped on the map
You can now reserve a spot in the back
I could never fear a team full of rats
Incineroar, I keep that heat on my lap (Bitch)
Keep the blade, you only give light tapers
Kartana, I’ll fold a nigga for my paper
Revenue maker that started from the ground like a Flygon
Now the Zard’s on a ride pager?
Damn, these rappers clones like Emerald with the cheat codes (Ugh)
Try flipping the bird, you’ll lose Peeko
Thought he was tough, like Ursaring with the guts
Now he’s gone, and there’s still teddy bears on the street pole (Why?)

[Verse 14: JWittz]
I’m spittin’ fire like a— ah, shit
Do we have Heatmor without a National Dex?
Meanwhile, Masuda sits back, laughing, cashing the checks
Half the fans distracted by these asses and breasts
Their lasses impress, but their graphics lacking in tech
You’re like Maractus, nobody asked for this pest
You don’t have the badges, man, you lack my respect
You’re average at best, Shadow Force, you cannot protect
The only way I’d mimic you is snapping your neck
I rap like I’m possessed, I’m under Alister’s hex
My Special Defense massive like I’m packing a vest
Attack with the specs, it’s laughable, you cannot affect
You couldn’t crack my strategies if you were stacking the deck
Can we stop acting rattled when I’m rapping again?
Like I haven’t been bad with a Pal Pad and a pen?
I’m the Zacian, Alpha, you’re the Yamper this gen
I’m an Earthquake, nah, fuck it, magnitude ten

[Verse 15: G. Yee]
Nidoking entrance
Retaliate Slaking, I’m back with a Vengeance
And I been overhead, so I kept this
Scheme Black and White, but you brats never Ghetsis
Edgeless rappers, all you Haxorus headless
Life Orb Mesprit, I find that offensive
F spin tracks and the people getting left with
Second hand smoke, that’s Ash on CraigsList
And my second hand smoke when the gun aim
Guts spray, boy, I keep the status on my Luxray
Arms straight filthy, Grimer, I leveled up
Make Tubby eat the whole damn clip when that Muk bang
Yeah, leave y’all snacking on trash, I Banette the track
I black body bag it then vanish
The phantom a manual stick shift handles
Bananas took Grookey outta the ignition
Then I pass it to Matt

[Verse 16: Matt Houston]
Yeah, they ask if we with Rocket, nah it’s Sobble Gang, y’all can’t hang
Feel like God, Arceus on my hip, let the llama bang
When I write the quill lava, I’m back and I got the flames
Hit you like OR/AS, battle me, your brain dropping frames
Run up on your champs ice, catch me snatchin’ Wallace chain
Your talent like an Unfeazant fan, boy, not a thing
Want smoke, get what you Jonesin’ for, this not a game
The steel deceiving, strays hit you from my wild aim
Check the Hall of Fame, ain’t gotta claim I’m the best
Talkin’ shit, you Infernape, end up with flame on your head
If you ask “Who this?” that’s just straight disrespect
Yell, “Bitch it’s Matt Houston,” and they could say out the rest
We Tornadus, the only true heirs in this bitch
While all you other rappers hoes like Erika clique
I see you buggin’, that’s Azelea’s shit
I’m spittin’ fire, killin’ so called dragons, got Claire throwing fits
Comparin’ to this? Never, this as perfect as it gets
Cubchoo drip, haters so allergic to my wrist
Gentleman flow in ’em verses all in cursive when they writ
Nihilego venom, certain that it merk you when I spit
Got Genesect weapons, want problems? Get steppin’
You been stressin’ ’cause y’all all dogshit like Gen 7
Jump on the beat, 6-0, you get killed
Been a beast since day one, fuck your sword and your shield

[Verse 17: CTC]
I got the horses like Terrak, hat is to the back
Country boy, but I’m still Slatt
Back up in the cut, I got Bidoof
If we got an issue keep it simple
My ninjas put that Waterinium right to your Tympole
And if you isn’t Slime nor Slatt, you goin’ Sligoo (Slatt, slatt)
What I’m ’boutta do, oh boy, I wouldn’t wish you
Remoraid your place, .223 the brand new issue
Karrablast’s the type that’ll never ever miss you
Turn your ass to Ash and make your mama miss you
(She gon’ miss you, dawg, sheesh, sheesh)
Ayy, ayy, ayy
Ridin’ ’round town doin’ bad shit
Officer Jenny pulled up, she lookin’ ratchet
Klang by my side, clingy but she get to clackin’
Bitch mob, yeah, the task force, that bitch ain’t tacit, yee yee
Focus Blast hit like death and taxes
Steph’s dad’s Twineedles just ain’t half as accurate, brrt-brrt
They gettin’ dropped like bags at Saks Fifth
Reachin’ in her bag for Max Revive, it wasn’t happenin’
Worry ’bout who gettin’ sacked sixth
After I bagged her whole team, okay, you know I had to bag it
No cappin’, they got it backwards tryna catch ’em
Let my butter free, when my Metapod hit level ten, I press B, I’m a savage
Hop up on the S.S. Anne with some Mexicans
That got no SSN and I’m the motherfucking captain
And it’s fuck ICE, this the new Enter the Dragon
See this Red R on my leather ‘Preme jacket
And my belt got more G’s than your faction
Watch how a G move, don’t need Gigantamaxin’
Rapidash stay in the back, he’s bashful
With a tack still attached, a saddle and a satchel
What’s a horse to a dinosaur, killa? Aerodactyl
Terrak knock the air out out that bitch, T wrecked a dactyl
No cap, always factual
IDM forever after

[Bridge: VI Seconds and Shofu]
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
(Aw shit)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
(You niggas ain’t ready)
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
(Said these niggas ain’t ready)
Lord (Talk to ’em, bitch, come on)

[Verse 18: VI Seconds, Shofu & Both]
The Gawd is back, I’m lookin’ at you peons from the stairs
The stones fire, bitch I been through eons with the flare
You know the vibes “dot dot dot,” Red could never rival that
Got HM01, now my pockets Gigantamax
These niggas askin’ where the battles at (Huh?), I’ma handle that
Shit ain’t adding up, and you don’t wanna see the aftermath
You niggas couldn’t see me like I Sand Attacked
Been the same, you niggas always switching up something like you Ash’s hat
Giovanni, mob ties, ain’t a sound when you drop
Meowth, Persian, you pussies get a round at your top
You in a Bind, now you bound ’til I stop
Put a pin to your puff, meanin’ metal to your round ’til it pop
Ain’t askin’ a lot, it’s nothin’ to attack for the guap
Bitch, I keep that Draco on me and my stats never drop
I ran with the mop, ain’t battle for these badges I copped
Everybody 31, won’t find no trash in the box
On the throne, think you fuckin’ with the champ, you delirious
Get your top spun like Ash gettin’ serious
I’m lit, the dazzling gleam make you all see me
The Iced Fangs got more flavors than Alcremie
We stay strapped, got more pieces than Victini
Ain’t nobody hyper, I promise the wrist beamin’
You ain’t beating me, tell them niggas to keep dreamin’
Bewear in the anime, how I just keep squeezing
The drip nasty like Muk movin’, your shorty like to Swalot
Told her this Bone Club for her consumin’
Mimikyu? You steady mimicking the face
Waste my time and space, they’ll find your spirit in a lake
Fuck Galar, boy, we coming for your head region
One of us gon’ die if we ending up dead even
Nigga when that dot on your head, that ain’t Red speakin’
It ain’t Farfetch’d when the stick leave your head leakin’
Sirfetch’d, bigger stick, out for any niggas schemin’
Chandelure, fire on you and I’ll hang you from the ceiling
Couldn’t see me with a Silph Scope, actin’ off the shits bro
The long nose keepin’ you controlled like Hypno
I keep it on me, let me show you what it hit for
Pokedollars, bitch you know the line, I really flip those
Tiptoe, 6-0, nigga I ain’t vibin’ with ya tempo
I pass along your life as a memento
You a king? Tryna fuck with the kid? You get a shit show
Pokéstar Studios, we gon’ let a clip go
We dog niggas, goin’ ’round your neck with your leash
Ten years in the game, come correct if you speak
More O’s in my account than a Gen 1 bike price
You new to my region, lemme show you what my life like
The elite, there’s no debatin’ that we nicer
If you buggin’, dump the metal, now you change like a Scyther
Could give a fuck about your line up, all of you get lined up
Dialga on my wrist, still saying that your time’s up
Made it through Unova, now we ball in any weather

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